A personalized divorce book for children ages 3-8

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    Divorce. That’s a mighty big topic for a little person, especially one you love more than anything.  Bear is here to help! Bear’s parents are going through a divorce too, so it’s the perfect time for Bear and your little one to become friends.

    Bear’s Changing Family fills a gap for books about divorce for very young children, helping them understand what divorce is and what it means for them. It was inspired by love, and it was informed by the work of experts, psychologists and researchers. It has 3 goals: to educate, comfort and empower your child. And it does so with such heart.

    Personalization gives you a chance to show how much Bear and your child have in common, making the story more impactful and meaningful. It evokes the feeling in your little one that, “We’re so alike. I’ll be ok too.”

    Bear is a little friend to help your little one through the “big D.”

    Book about divorce for children

    Personalize it

    Bear’s Changing Family is about Bear’s experience, but it brings in personal touches from your child’s life (up to 9 personalizations including a favorite toy and a treasured comfort item) that spark an instant connection when your child sees how much they have in common. Bear is adorable, lovable, and best of all relatable. He makes divorce more bearable!  

    Book Bear's Changing Family

    Why it works

    Bear’s Changing Family was born from personal experience when the author decided the one-size-fits-all stories wouldn’t do for such a pivotal moment. It had to be special and unique. Bear’s Changing Family is that and so much more. Research tells us that not only are personalized stories more engaging, they improve memory and comprehension. They also tend to be favorites, reinforcing the messaging over and over.

    divorce book for kids

    Our hope

    Divorce is complicated and emotional, and this discussion is one of the toughest parts. This little book does a lot. Bear’s Changing Family meets young children where they are, emotionally and cognitively. It’s not too advanced. It’s not too bare-boned. It’s just right. Our hope is that Bear’s Changing Family helps parents ensure their child feels loved, understood and supported in a time of so much change.

    Every parent wonders, “Will my child be ok?”

    • Kids struggle the most during the first year or two after the divorce…But many kids seem to bounce back (source)
    • Three factors help children of any age adjust after divorce: having a strong relationship with both parents; plain good parenting; and minimal exposure to conflict (source)
    • Children living with one parent are as happy as those with two (source)
    • As children adjust to the divorce, they do better as compared to children of high-conflict, nondivorced families (source)

    Bring Bear home!

    divorce book and bear

    We’re so proud to partner with Bears for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that manufactures certified organic stuffed toys. We have a custom bear in the works, but this bear that is currently available would make a great friend for your little one! Plus, with every purchase, Bears for Humanity donates up to 15% of all sales to children’s charities in partnership with Amazon.

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    Bear’s Changing Family is an 8″ x 8″ hardcover book printed by Barnes and Noble Nook Press Print Books for $39.99.

    Realistic, yet hopeful
    At no point do we ever want to minimize the potential negative effects divorce can have on children. Divorce is complicated and emotional, and it’s not easy to navigate especially in these delicate early days. But we firmly believe, and research proves, the powerful positive effect that we, as parents, can have in reducing negative outcomes and promoting children’s resilience. You can learn more here. Also, we understand that some of this is easier said than done, like having the talk with your child together and co-parenting with someone you may be in turmoil with. As a parent, we all know that when it comes to the big stuff, the easy thing to do and the right thing to do aren’t always the same. It gets easier.

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